TiOSS 380 - The Last One(?)

Submitted by Michael Johnston on December 22, 2019 - 12:25am

tvOS starts getting better, Secure Enclave encryption key leaked, Apple's secret team working on satellite technology, and more on this week's episode of The iOS Show! Show notes can be found at theiOSshow.com. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, send an email to feedback at theiosshow.com!

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Stuff mentioned:

  • Apple Releases tvOS 13.3 for Fourth and Fifth-Generation Apple TV Models
    • Second major release of tvOS 13
    • Over a month after 13.2
    • Includes new option to change "top shelf" view from "What to Watch" (basically ads), to your up next list
  • Kuo: Next Year's 5G iPhones With Redesigned Metal Frame Won't Have Major Price Increase
    • According to Ming Chi Kuo
    • 5G iPhones should not increase cost relative to 4G phones
    • Cost offset by reducing supply chain expenses
    • May drop its upfront non-recurring engineering payment to suppliers
    • Done by shifting R&D in-house
  • Apple Used DMCA Takedown to Temporarily Remove Tweet With iPhone Encryption Key
    • According to Motherboard
    • Apple cited the DMCA to have Twitter remove an iPhone encryption key from its site
    • Security researcher Siguza shared an encryption key on December 7
    • Could be used to reverse engineer the iPhone's secure enclave
    • Doesn't allow for access to user data
    • Specifically, it gives researchers the ability to access the Secure Enclave's firmware
    • Two days later, tweet re-appeared, Siguza said the DMCA claim was "retracted"
    • Apple confirmed it allowed the tweet to be posted
  • Apple Releases New Firmware for AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro
    • Apple released a new firmware update for AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro
    • Both now run the same version, 2C54
    • Previously AirPods Pro ran 2B588 with AirPods 2 running 2A364
    • Unknown what the update includes
    • Likely bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Apple Officially Launches Public Bug Bounty Program Covering All Apple Software
    • Apple announced on Friday that it is opening its bug bounty program to all security researchers
    • Comes following the initial announcement during Black Hat security conference in August
    • Previously was invitation-based, iOS exclusive
    • Now any security researcher who locates bugs in iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, or iCloud will be eligible for a cash payout to disclose it to Apple
    • Maximum bounty size now $1m, up from $200,000 depending upon the flaw (requires zero-click kernel code execution with persistence)
    • 50% bonus for bugs found in beta software, as well for regression bugs
    • Next year Apple to provide "vetted and trusted" security researchers with "dev" iPhones to make it easier to discover bugs
  • Apple Publishes New Apple Platform Security Guide
    • Along side the new bounty program
    • Apple has published its new Apple Platform Security guide
    • Details the security technology and features implemented within Apple platforms
  • Report: Apple Has 'Secret Team' Working on Satellites to Beam Data Directly to iPhones
    • According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman
    • Apple has a secret team working on satellite technology
    • Could be used to transmit internet services directly to devices (potentially bypassing wireless networks)
    • About a dozen engineers from aerospace, satellite, and antenna design industries
    • Goal to deploy their results within five years
    • Work is still in early phases, clear direction not finalized
    • According to people familiar, Tim Cook believes the project to be a priority
    • Could be used for device communication or improved maps

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