TiOSS 355 - WWDC 2018

Apple announces iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave, and more, and more on this week's episode of The iOS Show! Show notes can be found at theiOSshow.com. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, send an email to feedback at theiosshow.com!

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Stuff mentioned:

  • iOS 12
    • Focus on performance - Supports devices from 2013 and newer (everything iOS 11 supports)
      • Improved performance on older devices (40% faster app launch, 50% faster keyboard display, 70% faster to camera)
    • New AR file format USDZ that works across the system (worked with Pixar and Adobe)
    • Measure app
    • ARKit 2.0 - Multi-user, persistence
    • Siri Shortcuts
      • "I lost my keys, travel plans, etc"
      • Custom, multi-step, multi-app, shortcuts
      • Pre-made shortcuts
    • New voice memos app, coming to iPad
    • Third party nav in CarPlay
    • Instant tuning for notifications (YES)
    • Grouped notifications (app, topic, thread)
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    • Screen time digital health features
      • Weekly activity summary
        • App usage
        • Phone pickups
        • What apps send most notifications
      • Set limits for apps
      • New parental controls
    • Animoji (Memoji, tongue detection)
    • Group FaceTime, up to 32
    • Free app trials now allowed for all apps!
  • watchOS 5
    • 7-day competitions
    • Automatic workout detection (YESSS)
    • Walkie Talkie
    • Siri Shortcuts via voice and Siri watch face
    • Raise to Siri
    • Webkit support (mail and messages)
    • Podcasts app
  • macOS Mojave
    • Dark Mode
    • Desktop Stacks
    • Finder gallery view with new side bar
    • Markup in Quick Look
    • Improved screen shots, video screen cap
    • Privacy protections in Safari
      • Blocks like buttons, comment fields
      • Anonymization, etc
    • New Mac App Store
      • Improvements to sandboxing
    • App Store apps
      • Office
      • BBEdit
      • Transmit
    • Marzipan apps
      • News, Stocks, Voice Memos, Home

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