New Media Expo

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iPA Podcast Episode 17: New Media Expo

This episode is actually iProng's iPod/iPhone Experts Panel, which was recorded live at New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Bill Palmer, Adam Christianson, Ken Ray, Dave Hamilton, Victor Cajiao, and I talk about the iPhone, the iPod, and even discuss what the future may hold for Apple.

We're Not Dead

Hey everyone! I wanted to post a quick note letting everyone know that we haven't forgotten about you. Episode 17 was recorded at New Media Expo this Saturday, the 16th, although we've had some trouble getting it out to you. The guys who actually recorded it (not us; we were borrowing the booth) had some technical difficulties with the recording which is the reason for the delay.

But don't worry, it'll be out soon and well worth the wait. I'll be posting status updates regularly on twitter.

In the meantime, I can tell everyone that Merlin Mann will be on our next show, which will be recorded a little later than usual. Expect that one late in the day on Tuesday the 26th, so stay subscribed!

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